Nursing Interventions/Bone Cancer

tyle=”text-align: justify;”>Nursing Interventions/Bone Cancer

An 8 page research paper that addresses a specific case scenario, which deal with nursing interventions for a 52-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which is metastasized to the left hip and involves the lymphatic…
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Computerized Tomography Scans (CT) and the Diagnosis of Appendicitis
A 10 page discussion of the diagnostic procedures which are preferred for acute appendicitis. The author compares the value of collecting a detailed clinical history and symptoms with that of more elaborate tests such as computerized Tomography. …
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“Effect of reusing suction catheters on the occurrence of pneumonia in children”
A 3 page critique of an article published in May/June 2001 in “Heart and Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care” and written by Scoble, Copnell, Taylor, Kinney, and Shann. This paper reviews this article using a simplistic scoring approach…
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This 3-page paper describes the duties of a registered nurse at acute-care hospital Kindred Hospital in Havertown, PA. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Post-Acute Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities for Post-Operative Bariatric Surgery
This 14 page paper provides an overview of the problem of obesity in the United States and the increasing use of gastric bypass surgery, also known as bariatric surgery. This paper outlines the problem, the benefits and the underlying reasons for…
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Chronic, Acute and Infectious Disease Tables
A 7 page paper presenting two tables listing various diseases. The first table includes cancer, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis; the second contains infectious diseases such as influenza, Chlamydia, Hordeolum, HIV/AIDS and strep throat. …
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Asthma’s Effects on Lung Function
This 5 page paper addresses diagnosis and treatment of the disease in terms of lung function. The healthy lung is examined in order to explain its reaction during acute asthma episodes. Possible long term consequences of the disease and treatment,…
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Assessments of Research Article on Heart Surgery
The 4 page paper is a critical analysis of the article “Crystalloid versus colloid fluid therapy after cardiac surgery,” published in Heart and Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care (January 1990), by Ley, Miller Skov, and Preisig. This..

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