Nursing Leadership – Change and Conflict Management

– 2000 word essay worth 50%
Scenario: You are a team leader and your organisation has selected you to lead a project to introduce evidence-based policies and practice to your workplace. You have called a meeting with your staff to introduce them to the new evidence-based approach in the organisation. Some of your staff including senior staff, voice their concerns and objections to this change in the organisation.

With reference to the relevant literature about “Change and Conflict Management”, prepare a critical discussion about the use of these strategies and processes in your health care organisation.

Include in your discussion:
– a brief description of your workplace
– describe some change and conflict management models described in the literature
– select a change model and specifically outline the strategies you would use to work with staff to implement the new organisation evidence-based approach
– outline the strategies you would use to manage with conflict between your staff.

– APA style referencing
– No website references. All journal or book references, none more than 10 years old.
– I usually like 1 reference per 100 words, so 20 references for the essay.

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