Nursing Leadership SMART Goal

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Topic: Nursing Leadership SMART Goal
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Details:This paper has to be based on a smart goal, I chose wound ostomy nurse. This was my goal, so if you could write the paper around this. I attached the directions and guidelines. Goal-setting is a great way to inspire achievement for yourself and your team. Goal-setting has been a focus in the management and motivation world since Edwin Locke’s research on goal setting and motivation in the late 1960s (Lesson 3 2015). GOAL-Patient Centered Care Specific- My entire family is involved in my goal, my goal is to acquire a certification in wound and ostomy care, so I can make my self a better nurse for our home health patients. Measurable- I am going to achieve this goal by taking the classes for certification, then take the exam and pass. Attainable- I have many nurse friends that are WOCN certified and I can always come to them for questions or concerns. Realistic- My goal is realistically obtainable for my department in home health, I was told yesterday, that my director wants to move me up to management, I am a supervisor now, and only have been at this company for 3 months. I feel being certified in this field will be beneficial to our home health company and to teach our nurses the best way to treat wounds with MD orders, of course. This will keep our patients in their homes and lessen recurrent trips to the hospital. Time Bound- I hope to achieve this goal within 3 years, I just started this position in Home Health and need to learn the requirements of my job in order to better the company.

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