Paper about a legal/ethical issue that affects the advanced practice nurse’s role

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The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with the opportunity to develop skill in the preparation of a scholarly paper on a subject of personal interest related to the course content.

A 8 page paper about a legal/ethical issue that affects the advanced practice nurse’s role (if possible something that affects specifically the nurse administrator role). Also include the affect/effect that technology has on the issue. For example, the paper could be about the legal aspects of an issue that is affected by technology/informatics (futility of care due to the availability of ventilators) with a viewpoint of the ethical ramifications and how one might solve any conflicts that might occur for an advanced practice nurse (nurse administrator role).

1. Select a subject of interest related to this course and write an 8 page paper. One of the purposes of this paper is to look at the issue from the effect/affect of technology/informatics.
-Ethical issue
-Technology/informatics implications on the issue
-Healthcare’s current state of dealing with the issue
-Suggestions for ways to deal with the situation in the future in light of technology/informatics
2. Review the literature on the subject so that there are ample references (at least 8) for the paper from the current nursing/professional literature (mostly US literature please).
3. APA format, title page and reference page.

This activity will be graded as follows:
1. The discussion is logically developed and includes all the elements described in the directions
2. The document adheres to APA format

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