Instructions: Use this format to place information for your paper. Submit this brief outline as an assignment (paper draft) by the due date.

Title of Paper

I. Pathophysiology

A. Causes

B. Clinical manifestations

C. Lab results

D. Diagnostic Results

E. Medications

F. Anticipated Outcomes

G. Physiologic Complications

H. Psychological Complications

I. Spiritual Complications

J. Sources of Information

II. Patient Problem

A. Point in time

B. Physiologic or Psychological

C. Describe problem

III. Nursing Theory

A. Select ONE theory

B. Why did you choose this theory?

C. Source of Information

IV. Goal and Interventions

A. Goal (broad)

B. Specific “as evidenced by” criteria which will determine goal is met

1. Criteria #1

2. Criteria #2

3. Criteria #3

C. Source of Information

D. Intervention #1

1. Rationale

2. Source

E. Intervention #2

1. Rationale

2. Source

F. Intervention #3

1. Rationale

2. Source

V. Outcomes (Describe how you would determine if goal is met. Reflect on each criteria from IV-B)

A. Criteria #1

B. Criteria #2

C. Criteria #3

VI. Application to Practice

A. Influence of thinking

B. One new piece of information

C. How will information affect practice

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