A personal statement that explains your reasons for pursuing a Master of science

A personal statement that explains your reasons for pursuing a Master of science

Master in Nursing

1. Write a personal statement that explains your reasons for pursuing a Master of science in Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Degree.

2. Describe any special circumstances that you think might aid the Committee on admissions in evaluating your application. ( I graduated with highest honor from nursing school, and always achieved the dean’s list)
Personal Statement Master
I am writing this statement of purpose to state my interest in applying for a Masters Degree Program (MEng.) in Electronic Systems Engineering for fall 2011. I have completed my bachelor’s degree (B.E) in Electrical Engineering in Dec 2009 from a university that has a history of almost 90 years of producing…

Bachelor of Engineering , Master of Engineering , Academic degree 466 Words | 2 Pages
Personal Statement-Environmental Science
have deeply captivated my interest in studying environmental science. I believe that the importance of protecting our environment is crucial for the survival and existence of our earth. This has especially driven me to study environmental science in hopes of making a difference on our environment in order…

Pollution , Global warming , Environmental movement 652 Words | 2 Pages
Biomedical Science Personal Statement
iOLLIVER JACKSON UCAS ID: 1112205288 INTERVIEW DATE: 27/11/2013 ALTERNATIVE PERSONAL STATEMENT – BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES The human body is fascinating. It is astounding the way in which we are beginning to understand how our own complex infrastructure works, including the composition and function…

Dentistry , Endodontic therapy , Neuroscience 610 Words | 1 Pages
Actuarial Sciences Personal Statement
from this point on I became increasingly fascinated by how numbers can directly or indirectly affect humans, and, for this reason, I wish to pursue a career in Actuarial Sciences. I gathered quite a lot of knowledge about the insurance sector and how actuaries are linked to this field while I worked…

Actuary 640 Words | 2 Pages
biomedical science personal statement
unsolved issues, biomedical science would be the best way to fulfil my ambitions. My love for biology has deepened after reading the book ‘The Human Body’ that is written by Gillian Pocock and Christopher D. Richards. This enriches my knowledge in biomedical and health sciences as well as discovering a…

Health 744 Words | 2 Pages
Personal Statement for Applying Science- Related subjects
the main reason whey I found the subjects of Chemistry and Biology during high school so interesting and entertaining. In addition, I enjoy interpreting experimental patterns and results through careful observations and measurements. I also enjoy earth, environment, food and nutritional science courses…

558 Words | 2 Pages
Why Pursuing a Master Degree?
Why Pursuing a Master Degree? Increasingly, the Master’s degree is becoming part of the educational experience as more and more people acquire a Bachelor degree but find that they need something more to accomplish their goals. Pursuing a Master’s degree can represent a significant commitment of time.

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