Reaction to A Class Divided VIDEO

WATCH The Front Line Video “A Class Divided”

After watching the video “A Class Divided”, write a 3-4 page reaction paper in which you include the information listed below. The paper is to be done in APA style with a title page and reference section. •Summarize the “experiments” that were conducted. What was the purpose of the “experiments”? •What were the results of the “experiments”? •How did being assigned to the different groups impact individual behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and moods? •What seemed to be the biggest factor that influenced changes in the individual’s thoughts, feelings, moods, and behaviors? •Are there times when these factors “naturally” occur within society? Explain. •How could the showing of this video be used to train future counselors and psychologists? What could they gain from watching this video that might make them better therapists? Include at least 1 peer-reviewed journal article to support your ideas.

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