A Reflection paper on nursing practice

Topic: Reflection on nursing practice

The purpose of this assessment is to critically reflect on learning undertaken as part of your clinical practice development and to recognise the role of the specialist nurse competency standards for professional performance evaluation.

Nurses practicing in critical care areas are expected to gain new skills in order to maintain professional standards and to ensure quality of care. The specialist skills need to comply with the competency standards prescribed by the relevant specialist nurse organisation. These competency standards are developed by independent associations and could be used in a court of law to judge a nurse’s professional conduct in her clinical setting.

Reflection is an integral component of the learning process. It allows you to evaluate the experience of learning and the resultant changes in your clinical practice. It also explores the competing educational and management priorities in the diversely skilled clinical setting.


Write a 1500 word reflective essay which includes:

A description of how you have increased your knowledge and skills in three areas of professional practice
Analyse the link between your increased knowledge and skills and the improved nursing management of the patients within your clinical area
Align the relevant competency standards to the identified areas of professional practice that you think you now meet as a result of participating in the course
Critically reflect on your nursing practice and identify areas you want to further develop or improve in the future

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