Reflective essay on nursing bedside handover using Gibb’s reflecive cycle (1998)

-The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to reflect on your clinical practice and understand the relationship between your practice and the NMBA(National competency standards for the registered nurse) competency standards.

*Reflecting on your practice enables:
-Alignment of practice to the NMBA National competency standards for the registered nurse (2006)
-Professional and personal growth
-Time to consider the complexities of health care delivery, in contemporary settings.

*Throughout the Intern to Register course, you have been made aware of Gibb’s reflective cycle (1998), which is comprised of the following steps:
– a description of what occurred
– a description of what you thought and felt
– an evaluation of what was good and bad about the experience
– an analysis of what was learned
– a conclusion: describing what could have been done differently
– an action plan: describing what would be done in future, if the same situation arose.

Choose the learning goal which you consider to be your significant. Using the Gibbs cycle, reflect upon your achievement of this goal. Remember to include any barriers that your encountered during clinical placement and any strategies you used to overcome those barriers and achieve your goal.

Throughout your reflection, you must demonstrate an understanding of, and alignment of practice with, the NMBA National competency standards, for the registered nurse (2006).

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