Respiration system – Nancy’s case

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Please, this assignment is in Nursing unit not physician or other health professional. so make sure is it related to nursing subject.

Please answer and cover each part of questions.

In this assignment you asked to respond to the case study of Nancy (Attached) with the following discussions.

1. Discuss the conditions pathophysiology and relate to the presenting signs and symptoms.
2. Discuss the pharmacological management in relation to symptom relief and ongoing management. Link your discussion to the relevant pathophysiology of the condition.
3. Discuss a prioritised plan of care for Nancy for the first 24 hours of her admission focusing on:
(a) Nursing care & activities
(b) Ongoing assessment
(c) The interdiciplinary team including communication
(d) Education.

All files about the case will be uploaded.

You must include a succinct introduction and conclusion and reference

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