Role of Allied Professional

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Topic:Role of Allied Professional
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Details:The case you are using is the Robert Courtney case. Here is one link but there are several others you can use: 1.Identify and discuss the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist toward a patient. 2.Based upon your research and assessment of the case, did Robert Courtney perform the required duties and uphold patient rights? 3.What is the impact of Robert Courtney’s actions on the patient and community? 4.What precautions can be taken to ensure these types of incidents by allied professionals don’t happen to others? Should there be more regulations in place? Chisholm, M., Russell, D., & Humphreys, J. (2011). Measuring rural allied health workforce turnover and retention: What are the patterns, determinants and costs? Australian Journal of Rural Health, 19 (2), 81-88. Client care. (2007). SportEX Medicine, 31(12). Hook v. McLaughlin. (1994). Retrieved from Pearce-Brown, C., Grealish, L., McRae, I., Douglas, K., Yen, L., Wells, R., & Wareham, S. (2011). A local study of costs for private allied health in Australian primary health care: Variability and policy implications. Australian Journal of Primary Health, 17(2), 131-134. Wilson, R. (2012). Legal, ethical and professional concepts within the operating department. Journal of Perioperative Practice, 22(3): 81-85

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