Role of the nurse as a cultural broker

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Topic:Role of the nurse as a cultural broker
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Details:.Before doing this assignment, you will need to read the Razor’s Edge article and read the article on Child Brides (all of this material is in Lesson 1). You also may watch the film on reserve in the library Half Sky for this assignment. In Lesson 1, you have already reviewed the following information: •Nurses Code of Ethics . •ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses . Write a 2 to 4 page (APA style) paper, being sure to address the following: Use these headings. •The nurse’s role as a cultural broker. . •Two nursing interventions appropriate to apply to the situation described in the Razor’s Edge, Child Brides or 1/2 Sky. •Your feelings as you all viewed this video. . •How the ICN Code and ANA Code of Ethics reflect our values as Registered Nurses. Be sure to cite these two references.

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