How smallpox vaccination has left an impact on healthcare as we no it today?

style=”text-align: justify;”>How smallpox vaccination has left an impact on healthcare as we no it today?

Page 1 Please review the additional material from wk1NR503 epidemiology.doc and create a 1 page discussion on How might such an event an impact on the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2020. Please use current updated information.
Then on page 2 in 1 paragraph, Please provide a summary of the case or information discussed this week from the wk1NR503epidiology.doc and please respond to this question on page two in 1 paragraph give some specific examples of how smallpox vaccination has left an impact on healthcare as we no it today?
Page 3 Please respond in paragraph1 to this discussion from student 1 Ms. Courtney states: One epidemiological event that I found interesting was the one about smallpox and 1700’s Jetsy, a farmer noticed none of his helpers developed smallpox, but develop cowpox. He believed the correlation between the two and exposed his family to cowpox to prevent small pox., Then Jenner a physician performed a test. exposing smallpox to girl, came to the conclusion he developed smallpox vaccine. Vaccine used to protect many people worldwide. Please write 1 paragraph response to Courtney discussion. Next paragraph please write a response to Michele’s discussion response on: The Division of Vector-Borne Diseases (DVBD) is a national and international leader in the prevention and control of infections. DVBD provides research on prevention and control strategies’ that can reach the targeted disease or vector at multiple levels. DVBD protects the nation from bacterial and viral diseases transmitted by mosquitos ticks, and fleas. The CDC/DVBD plays a major role in diagnosis, prevention, and control of these diseases. Vector borne disease is complex of all infectious diseases. example of Dengue fever affects millions of people, it is the leading cause of febrile illness with travelers in the Latin American, Caribbean and southeast Asia. DVBD uses info to save lives and reduce financial impact to the public. Please provide a brief 1 paragraph response on page 3
Page 4 Please respond with small paragraph on the discussion from Anarella on an event that have an impact on the goals & objectives; The surveillance and prevent efforts generated from John Snow’s efforts has impacted the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2020 in a positive way. Specifically, with the environmental topics and objectives, that includes water quality. Healthy people 20202, objectives EH-5 identified the need to implement measures that “reduce waterborne disease outbreaks arising from water intended from drinking among persons served by community water systems. Similar surveillance and epidemiological events from Semmelweis and his observations on childbed fever prevention can help improve environmental health. Regular hand washing effectively lowers rates of additional infectious diseases, such as respiratory illness and nosocomial infections. Hand washing with soap and water is the simplest way to prevent the spread of disease among communities. Please respond with 1 paragraph on page 4, On page 4 2nd paragraph please respond to Shwanna discussion as follows: Healthy people objectives are established every ten years, and for the past 30 years the objectives have been aimed at improving the lives and health status of all Americans. The Ebola epidemic has affected many countries on varying degrees of levels. Ebola virus can be viewed as a public health threat to the United States and other countries, a new goal is a global health for Healthy people 2020. To improve the public health and strengthen US national security through global disease detection, response, prevention, and control strategies’. Ebola epidemic directly impacts the health of the Unites states and viewed as a world public health threat.
Page 5 Please provide a response paragraph 1 to Noel: Community water fluoridation is herald as one of the ten greatest public health events in the 20th century. It has been a safe, effective and cost effective method of reducing the incidence of dental caries in people of all ages since it was launched in the mid 1900s. The United States department of health and human services issues Healthy people. it provides a 10 year national objective which are scientific based, for improving the health of all American’s. Community water fluoridation remains as one of the goals and success stories of healthy people. Please provide a short response paragraph on page 5. and the last response on page 5 please respond with a short paragraph to the discussion from Schwanna: An epidemic of any type has an impact on our lives. in a profound way. Epidemics can cause considerable socioeconomic disruptions as well as an increased concern for our health status and safety of the environment. The Ebola epidemic is a global problem that is being addressed at all level. The healthy people 2020 objectives, global health, is part of the global response needed to address the public health concerns and crisis like Ebola epidemic. This is only one of many preventative measures aimed at halting the spread of Ebola.

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