What specific behaviors are associated with effective leadership?


To help students distinguish leadership characteristics in terms of communication within their team and in collaboration with other disciplines in exemplary leaders and managers encountered in everyday nursing practice. Identifying communication, teamwork, and collaboration characteristics helps students become aware of professional behaviors associated with achieving the mission of professional nursing.


Submit a Prezi or PowerPoint or create a video presentation about characteristics of a nurse leader who displays exemplary collaboration, team-building and communication skills.

Discuss the following:
1.What specific characteristics framed this person as a leader in terms of communication, teamwork and collaboration?
2.How did this person relate to other health professionals including students?
3.What specific behaviors are associated with effective leadership?
4.In what ways is nursing leadership a dynamic, interactive process?
5.In what ways can nurses demonstrate communication, teamwork and collaboration leadership skills in contemporary health care environments?
6.Include a reference slide with a minimum of three references (within last five years) in APA format.

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