Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

I am a visual artist who has interests in issues and concerns of the formal art work that for long has stayed in the darkness. I want to learn the aspect of elegant art through painting through personal expression. Apart from the inner vision concept, I want to learn visual art as a language that can be universally applied to the multi cultural aspects around the world. I want to learn whether the Christian religion is identical or contradictory to the aspect of art and visual culture. The ancient and contemporary art, creativity, design, and visual culture have significance application to the Christian religion, and that is what I want to learn and apply in different multi cultural levels around the world.

I am a Christian and have problems with duties I perform in respect to the scriptures. I want to get an explanation of art, creativity, design, and visual culture in respect to the scriptures. I know I have talents and gifts in Christian religion perspective, and it is my duty to nurture and preserve them for the better use. It is through specialized education from this learning institution I will manage to prepare sound strategies on how to cultivate on the gifts and talents. Evidence shows that modern artists have taken the issue of art work in a different direction. They act as spiritual teachers where they pretend to teach people on the above issue, but this is just but taking advantage mankind enlightenment and social betterment.

Based on the experience I have on religious scriptures and artwork activities, I believe that I have enough to pursue specialized education on the application of art, creativity, visual culture, and design in religion field. I will put effort on evoking the spiritual perspective of the study in order to have a full understanding required to fight over problems that have challenged this industry. What is required in this field is the knowledge and skills to take and direct the issue of modern artists in the right channel. I do not want to be a servant of humanity or act as a divine martyr in this field, and it is through getting required skills will rescue me from this explanation of modern artists.

Post modernist and modernist theories critically critic’s different arguments on the entire idea. Evidence shows that there exist a light to learn and apply the concept of art related knowledge in Christian religion field. This will give me the license to apply learnt knowledge in the art images, creative ideas, and visual culture related materials to the field of Christian religion scriptures. I agree on the theory that explains that modern artists are spiritual teachers and to remove that notion on my side, I believe specialized education that I will earn in this place will make a difference on my side. As much as I am competitive with my art, creative, design, and visual culture things, when I will apply the religious concept I will become one of the best in the multi cultural setting.


Clarke, V. (2009). “Constantine the Great: the Coins speak”. Middle Tennessee University,          Murfreesboro, TN

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