Tasks And People In Blake And Mouton’s Management Grid

Tasks And People In Blake And Mouton’s Management Grid 

Tasks and people serve as the main components of Blake and Mouton’s Management Grid. These are the fundamental aspects of consideration for any leader. The first extreme interaction between the two components is where the leader neglects employees as well as productivity (Rees, 2008). This mostly applies to a leader who is noncommittal to his work. The other extremity is when a leader enhances organizational productivity by promoting the job satisfaction among employees. In between the two extremities, there are other interactions in which the leader focuses on productivity or employee welfare.


The interactions between tasks and people in Blake and Mouton’s Management Grid help in predicting the leader’s attributes. A dedicated leader focuses on the enhancement of productivity as well as employee welfare. In contrast, a reckless leader does not pay attention to organizational tasks or employee performance.


Leaders can benefit immensely from the management grid in terms of maximizing productivity. Through this grid, leaders can establish the right balance between employees’ performance and organizational productivity. The grid is also an essential tool for identifying the various challenges facing employees at the workplace (Rees, 2008). Through this grid, leaders can strengthen their relationships with employees and thus boost productivity.


The management grid also presents an excellent framework for maximizing employee orientation. Through this grid, leaders can identify the different perspectives that serve as stumbling blocks for employee efficiency. Additionally, the grid is a useful platform for leaders to enhance communication frameworks within an organization. This is a critical aspect of employee orientation in any organization (Rees, 2008).


The management grid is a useful tool for training leaders. Some leaders have exceptional technical skills but struggle to apply them in an organization. This grid would help in addressing such challenges. The grid would also serve as an excellent benchmark for assessing a leader’s contribution to an organization.


Rees, W. (2008). The skills of management, Mason, OH: South-Western

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