Concept Analysis: Using Walker and Avant method to develop a concept analysis for your phenomenon of interest

Using Walker and Avant method develop a concept analysis for your phenomenon of interest. This assignment should be maximum 8 pages (excluding references, tables, pictures and graphics), double spaced, Times Roman, 12 font. Submit your assignment with a title page, abstract and reference page using APA 6th Edition (references should not be older than 5 years unless there is classic). References must include at least 8 nursing journals Concept to analyze is : Chronic Disease management program intervention in primary care improve glycemic values in poorly Diabetes patients. I will include a sample paper thus you can see my expectations , i need tables or graphics to be include not counting this in my total amount of writing pages content . This a doctorate level writing i need this assignment to be explicitly following my instructions . Any questions or extra info you may need please contact me . Guideline to write paper Select a concept and explain why you selected it 10 points______ Determine the aims of the analysis 10 points______ Identify the uses of the concept 15 points______ Determine the attributes 15 points______ Identify the Antecedents 10 points______ Identify the Consequences 10 points______ Define the empirical referents 10 points______ Discuss the importance of the concept in practice/research 15 points______ APA 6 edition format references in the text and in the references list 5 points______

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