Cultural Diversity and Respiratory Therapy

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Topic:Cultural Diversity and Respiratory Therapy
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Details: This research paper is due by Thursday, December 4th at midnight. The purpose of this paper is to encourage cultural awareness and diversity and to recognize its impact and effects on the Respiratory Therapy profession, as well as, healthcare as a whole. Your paper will address what cultural diversity is in current society, how it is recognized and protected, as well as how it impacts, limits, or alters our general ideas of healthcare practice. Your paper should contain one cover page, containing the title of your paper, your first and last name, this course number (RCP 132), my name, and then the date you submit your paper. You will need to include a reference page supporting your information with at least 3 appropriately cited sources in APA format. Write a minimum of 2-3 double-spaced pages (in addition to cover page and reference page) in a Microsoft Word, left-aligned document with one-inch margins and typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, formatted in accordance with APA-style requirements, and submit content which complies with the grading scheme that follows: What is cultural diversity in our current society? Give at least 3 specific examples. How is cultural diversity recognized and protected? How does cultural diversity potentially impact, limit, or alter our general ideas of healthcare and/or Respiratory Therapy practice?

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