Cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors involved in purchases.

There are cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors involved in purchases.  Think about the things you buy.  Think about the things you use to get ready for each day and what you are wearing.  With consumer behavior- Is there a decision process?  How does advertising and the media play a part in consumption?  What about peer influence?  Is it important to keep up with the Joneses?  Who benefits from consumerism?  How does consumer debt play a part?  Explain some of the movements against consumerism in our society.   

This paper should be at least 6 full pages in length.  The cover page and reference page are NOT included in the 5 pages.  The paper will require research citations as appropriate in APA or MLA format.

Signature Writing Assignment- this assignment is worth 150 points.  You will be required to complete a writing project designed to measure skill in each of the core objectives (Critical thinking, Communication, Empirical and Quantitative Skills, and Social Responsibility).  The paper should have the following basic outline:

* Introduction to the theory and statement of the problem:

What is the Theory of Buyer Behavior? –  In this section of the paper, you will explain the problem identified and explain the causes and/or effects of the problem. This section should contain reference citations as needed to authors whose theories or statements of the problem have informed your understanding.

* Current Trends in the Data

In this section of the paper, you must gather a minimum of three current (no more than 10 years old) empirical / scholarly sources of information that inform your understanding of the theory of buyer behavior. 

* Thinking Critically:

In this section of the data, reexamine the Theory of Buyer Behavior in light of the newly acquired data. Is it still a rational explanation or does it lack ability to explain some aspect of the problem. Are there alternative explanations or alterations in the theory that would better fit the data?

* Social Responsibility:

In this final section of the paper, relate the Theory of Buyer Behavior and the data to individual responsibility within our society. Is this just a personal choice or does it have consequences for the society at large? What interest does society have and what boundary should there be on its influence? Support your argument rationally with what you have learned.

* Citations: 

A complete listing of referenced cited within the paper must be included in a scholarly format at the end of the paper (last page after your 5 page paper).

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