Developmental stage discussed according to Erickson and Piaget’s theories

Proper Hand washing

Description of the group you are teaching and its learning
needs (2-3 pages)
• Developmental stage discussed according to Erickson and Piaget’s theories (2 points per theorist for a total of 4 points)
• Description of developmental needs of the audience addressed (2 points)
• Description of how the audience exhibited traits of the stage discussed (2 points)
• Supporting statements and references about topic included throughout each section (2 points)

The presentation was about proper hand washing and what types of germs or illness you can get from not using proper hand washing technique. The audience was adults from ages 18-56 years old. We did role play on how a person goes to the restroom and not washing hands and then a person who goes to the restroom and washes hand. We had a game board and a poster board that had proper hand washing technique and facts on hand washing (what illness you can get and prevent)

Please use reliable resources like www. or mayoclinic

This presentation is based on Nursing and Psychology.

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