Globalization and Culture

Globalization and Culture

Discussion Question

Globalization will result into economic development across all parts of the world. This is because it enhances the flow of goods and services. Globalization has an inherent capacity to enhance the quality of communications among people (Boran, 2009). This will facilitate the flow of information. Through shared knowledge, globalization will enhance innovative development. For instance, people can pursue studies via the internet.

Weekly Summary

Globalization undermines the standards of morality in the society by promoting moral decadence. For instance, traditional cultures embrace western values at the expense of their principles. Globalization is also likely to cause extensive infringement of people’s privacy. This is because information spreads rapidly across different locations. Different cultures have different ethical values. However, these values are in jeopardy as a result of globalization (Boran, 2009).

Question 1

Religion is a major factor behind polygamy in some countries. For instance, polygamy is widely acceptable in Islam. This contributes towards higher rates of polygamy among Muslims. Cultural values also contribute towards polygamy (Spilsbury, 2009). Most traditional African cultures promote polygamy. In other regions, polygamy is perceived as an element of prestige.

Question 2

Perceptions about misconducts are different depending on the prevailing rules and social values. While reporting misconduct in the western countries, the offender has a right to formal legal proceedings. It is thus unacceptable to harm such offenders physically. On the hand, most nations in the Arab world do not condone misconduct. Offenders are liable to mob justice and other forms of physical harm.

Question 3

Muslims have strict rules and beliefs that regulate their behavior. These rules apply to social interactions as well as the family (Spilsbury, 2009). Based on these religious values, women should be submissive to their husbands. When a woman is not submissive, she is considered as an outcast. This submissiveness is also the main reason behind the portrayal of Muslim women as sexual property.


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