PLEASE Let me know if you need any additional clarifications

Please follow the instructions carefully.

The paper you wrote earlier (TOPIC: HIV/AIDS RATE AMONGST TEENAGE GIRLS IN BALTIMORE) was just based on facts of the problem (over 3pages of the issue and its factors….so not necessary). I need implementations. Ways on how to solve this on-going problem in Baltimore. Conduct a literature search (journal/research articles already done) to identify interventions that have been used to address this HIV issue. (does not have to be interventions done in Baltimore can be any where in the world that brought in positive results). After that, make recommendations for appropriate intervention(s) for the issue/problem identified based on research/evidence. (basically how you feel about the research conducted and whether it’ll be helpful if done in Baltimore Lastly, include how the recommended intervention(s) will be evaluated.
Find at least 3 articles. 1 article to explain the problem and three other articles to support interventions- VERY IMPORTANT!!!

The following Nursing Process Outline could be used as a guideline:
Assessment: Identification of geographical community and investigation into problems and issues that affect the community.
Diagnosis: Identification of a priority community nursing diagnosis.
Planning and Intervention: Identification of appropriate and relevant interventions.
Recommendation: of the chosen intervention(s) for the target community.
Evaluation: Development of an evaluation plan for the intervention recommended.

PLEASE Let me know if you need any additional clarifications

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