Promoting Positive Health Behaviors

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Topic: Promoting Positive Health Behaviors
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Details:sources: 1) Review the article “Improving Female Preventive Health Care Delivery Through Practice Change†Backer, E. L., Geske, J. A., McIlvain, H. E., Dodendorf, D. M., & Minier, W. C. (2005). An Every Woman Matters study. Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, 18(5), 401–408. includes the following: Summarize the Every Woman Matters program and how the issue of women’s preventive health care was approached. Analyze possible reasons the program was ineffective. Summarize the characteristics at least two prevention programs that advocate for early screening, describing what made them successful. If you were the nurse leader in charge of developing a follow-up to the Every Woman Matters program, what strategies would you propose for creating a more effective prevention program?

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