Psychology Personal Statement

Psychology Personal Statement

My intended major is Psychology. Ever since I became mature enough to understand behaviors of people I have developed the urge to learn more about human behaviors. I have developed different questions on why people behave differently and why they interact different in respect to different situations. The interest of learning Psychology developed when I was at the junior year of High School. In reality, culture and society set up have an impact on the individual’s behavior and that are the reason why individuals behave differently. My interest in Psychology started when at Torrance Memorial Hospital. I volunteered at this hospital for two years, and I once came across an individual who had attempted to commit suicide. The person had problems and challenges at home, and the only solution he had was suicide. It was difficult for me to handle the situation and after I managed to help him and become interested in learning human behaviors and how to deal with people who are in a problem.

During my volunteer period, I was able to enrich my knowledge and skills of understanding an individual’s behaviors and how to respond to their needs. This period played a vital role in my career development because I was able to learn few things about work team and how necessary coordination in the healthcare setting helps an individual grow in different dimensions. Currently I am increasing my experience in Psychology at LAX duty free store where I came across people of different cultures. At this store, I interact with different customers who I have to understand their needs and provide them services that make them satisfied. This means I have to understand their psychology of needs in order to respond appropriately. Although my volunteer programs and work activities may have astutely affected formal psychology studies, I believe that I have enough experience and background knowledge that will help me understand the concept of psychology when given a chance.My dream was to join University of choice right after high school, but this was not possible, but I have realized that my volunteer period and work experience have allowed me do enough research on Psychology.

I would like to continue this study of psychology because I have the passion to help individuals who are in problems and who face difficulties when solving their problems. I have come to realize that the best ways to handle real life problems are doing research and develop sound strategies. It is through learning psychology I will be able to understand how to conduct research on developing human behavior problem solutions. I believe that upon advancing to a higher educational institute like, yours I would be able to polish my acquired skills and would achieve the milestones of academic marvels.Born in Beijing China this means that English is my second language, but I have managed to learn and develop the best for my learning activities. It was until I joined El Camino College I realized what I wanted to do in my life. I took some courses that helped me develop interest in taking psychology as my major in the future. I am a person who cannot settle in one or two things and that made me take short courses on learning behaviors of humans.

At the same time, I was improving my writing and reading skills in English. This quality of being active all the time has enabled me improve my interaction abilities simply because I am forced to socialize with individuals from different parts of the world. Being the first born in my family the parents have helped me choose my career and event encouraged me to their level best. This is something that have enabled me reach where I am and am proud of them.Challenges and difficulties that came in my life are not a worry in any way. I understand challenges are part of life thus I take them as opportunities meant to make me a stronger person and prepare me for the future. From my own analysis, I believe that I am an extrovert person who has the potential to handle any kind of challenge in the best way possible. This quality helps me make friends with different people and manage to respond into environments is put myself in irrespective of the situation.

I am always focused on the brighter side of life, and that is the reason that helps me respond to challenges and problems in life in a positive manner. This quality of extrovert has made me relate and interacts with different people around the world. I volunteered in 2008 Beijing Olympics for almost a month something that made me interact and learn different behaviors of humans. English being my second language has developed challenges, but I have always managed. This is the same approach I use in doing psychology research. I know am hard working and I have passion in helping individuals who have difficulties and challenges in their life.


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