Site Description and Audience

Site Description and Audience

The website will be in the commerce industry as it will provide products to customers.  The websites will be used for e commerce purposes.  The websites will be used to sell products to customers.  The products will include a wide range of video games suitable for customers aged 9 years and above. Serving customers aged 9 years and above will prevent ethical and legal issues associated with selling video games to people aged below 9 years.  The video games will depend on the age groups.  Since children and adults differ in terms of interests and experience.  The site will have video games for both adults and children.

The video game industry has grown due to development in technology and popularity. Different types of video games have appeared.  The video games differ in terms of game play, interaction and group.  Video games might belong to a similar group, but differ in terms of method of play and interaction.  Some of the genres of video games include action, first person shooters, action adventure, role playing, racing, strategy etc.  Including a wide range of video game will make it easy to meet customer expectations and needs. The website will target expertise and novice computer users. Hence, people with or without experience in using computers will be able to play the games (Crowder, 2007).

Information type

The site will consist of various pages including the homepage, feedback page and product page. The homepage will contain information about the site and links to the customer feedback page and product pages.  The customer feedback page will have a form that customers can use to post their views about the website and products offered to them.  The product page will contain various genres of video games and video games. Also, the product page will contain information about the video game.   The genres include action, adventure, first person shooters, role playing and racing.  Action is the most common kind of video gaming.  This genre consists of first person shooters.  An action adventure consists of games that use characteristics common to action and adventure (Crowder, 2007).

Conveying information

The information included in the homepage, product page and customer feedback will be graphics and text.  The site will consist of various graphics of the video games genre and video games. Also, the site will include an explanation about the product.  The home page will consist of pictures and text explaining the site and its purpose.   The information in the product page will be displayed according to genre.  Information in the homepage will be displayed according to links to other web pages. Information in the customer feedback page will be displayed based on the   feedback date (Crowder, 2007).


The designing of the site will take almost 6 months. The construction of the site will take 8 months, and evaluation will take 3 months. The first evaluation will take 11/2 months and the second 11/2 months.  The success of the site depends on the capability of the site to satisfy customer needs. The customer feedback will be analyzed to determine whether it is successful or not. Positive feedback will mean it is successful and vice versa. Also, high traffic means the site is successful as more people use the website (Crowder, 2007).


Crowder, D.A. (2007). Building  a web site for dummies. John Wiley and Sons

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