Social and health sciences division of nursing and counseling

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Social and Health Sciences
Division of Nursing and Counselling

Analysis of research paper

Word allowance: 2000 words.
Select one research paper from the titles identified below, and carry out a structured analysis of your chosen paper.

a) Forster, S., Powers, H., Foulds, G., Flower, D., Hopkinson, K., Parker, S., Young, T., Saxton, J., Pockley, A., Williams, E. (2012). Imporovement in Nutritional Status Reduces the Clinical Impact of Infections in Older Adults. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 60, pp: 1645-1654

You should undertake a search of the CINHAL database to obtain a copy of your chosen paper.

Outline for the review of the paper: – please read these fully.


• This should provide background information about the topic of the research paper. This should focus on the relevance of the topic and its usefulness in terms of informing some aspect of nursing care or care delivery

Analysis of the chosen paper should answer the following questions:
•What is the paper about?
•How was the study carried out? (For example, was it a survey, questionnaire
or experiment?)
•What are the main findings?
•Can the results be generalised? (Think about the limitations of the study when
you are answering this section)
•What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study?


• This section should sum up the key points that have been raised in the essay.


• The chosen paper, and any other literature that is cited, should be referenced within the text and a reference list at the end of the assignment.All references should comply withUAD referencing guidelines.

You may use sections and section headings if this helps to make explicit the structure and organisation of your analysis. Each review should be presented as a discussion – not simply a list of answers to the questions.

The marker will also take into account evidence of logical flow and organisation of the work, student’s understanding of the topic area, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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