How Mass Media Influence Drug Use

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Topic:How Mass Media Influence Drug Use
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Details:Research paper: Your research project will be a position paper with no fewer than five (5) full pages of text, Standard 12 font and 1 inch margins are required and a bibliography of no fewer than six (6) sources, of which 3 must be primary sources.. You can not include encyclopedias-including wikapedia as source material. You must choose a topic of sociological interest, take a position on it and defend that position. You must clear the topic of your paper with me no later than the third week of class. Please note: a paper of fewer than 5 complete pages of text (cover page and bibliography, works cited page and appendices do not count as pages of text) or a bibliography of fewer than 3 primary sources will receive a zero (0) grade. Position statement should develop why, specifically you think so.

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